SuperViewVision’s Quality Management Control System

On a continuing basis, SuperViewVision introduces new product quality improvement measures into all processes, from development, planning, design and manufacturing to sales and service activities.

  • Assuring quality management oversight and attention to improving product and service quality and safety, as well as timely responses to problems.
  • Appointing personnel within each product and business group who are ultimately responsible for quality, to spearhead initiatives in the areas for which they are responsible.
  • Formulating corporate quality standards applicable to SuperViewVision’s LED products, focusing on such criteria as product safety and performance, labeling and services. These standards are updated continuously to reflect technological advances, changes in applicable requirements and technology changes.
  • Establishing and advancing a project management for the Group-wide quality enhancement initiative, with the aim of providing high-quality reliable products that our customers can use with confidence and best customer service possible.

Responding to the Customer

SuperViewVision stays strongly active use of customer feedback to improve our products. Complaints, suggestions, ideas and reports of malfunctions received from customers will be promptly and accurately evaluated and disseminated to the planning and design team so that improvements in product quality can be made in a timely matter.

Responses to Quality Issues

SuperViewVision is ensuring our customers’ trust, confidence and satisfaction is a crucial management task and strives to prevent quality-related problems through. Therefore, SuperViewVision responds swiftly when a problem arises by investigating the facts and taking appropriate action.