Limited Warranty & Return Policy

Superviewvision warrants new LED Product from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and proper installation only. This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective LED within noticed period and electrical parts provided the defect occurs within noticed period of usage from the date of purchase and provided the product is returned or notified immediately to Superviewvision. In order to qualify for warranty service, the receipt or invoice must be identified the date of purchase. At the option of the Superviewvision, the warranty may be prorated, and a purchase price credit may be applied. This credit can only be applied to purchase of the new Superviewvision LED product(s).

Superviewvision will at its options, repair or replace it. This warranty shall not apply to any charge back labor if caused by customer’s improper installation, usage, or any part which is used for a purpose for which it is not designed for which shall have been repaired or altered in any way so as to affect adversely its performance and reliability, not shall this warranty apply to any part which has been subject to misuse, neglect, vandalism, accident, failure to follow installation instructions, or Acts of God. Purchaser assumed all risk and liability for incidental and consequential damage resulting from installation and use of Superviewvision products.

Exchange option is not offered in this Limited Warranty. Please contact to the salesperson to request if exchange of the item is available.

For any return to Superviewvision, an official RMA form including RMA # provided by Superviewvision is required for acceptance of the return at Superviewvision’s site. Without RMA form including RMA#, the return may be invalid, voided, or unaccepted.

Full or a part of the returning shipping cost may be covered by Superviewvision on defects, the customer must report the problem within 48 hours of the receipt which requires tracking number from the transportation or freight company, item number or bar code on the item or package, invoice of purchase, and packing slip.

Before returning a Superviewvision product(s), the customer should contact Superviewvision by email, phone call, or fax for assistance in obtaining warranty service. Superviewvision is not responsible for the freight of return. Damage which occurs during transit is not covered by this warranty. This needs to be resolved with the transportation or freight company which is the shipper’s responsibility to contact to the shipping company. The shipping damage occurred for Drop-Shipping from Superviewvision site, Superviewvision will coordinate with the transportation or freight company to resolve the problem.

You may only cancel an order within only if the unit has not already been shipped. If your order has already shipped by the time and you made the cancellation request, you must go through the return process and will be subjected to a minimum of 25% restocking fee plus any shipping cost involved in the cancellation. Refusal of the shipment from the carrier will cause a two-way shipping charge. Superviewvision suggest that you accept the order and then proceed through our normal return process. This returning policy is only available for Superviewvision’s STANDARD ITEMS. The shipping cost is responsible for the purchaser who made the cancellation.

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